The Hunger

A force of destruction


The Hunger is a force of nature that is doing nothing but consume. It doesn’t really consist of anything but a cloud of consciousness, but wherever it roams, it consumes everything. Forests wither and die, herds of animals just fall over, dead. Lakes start to boil and become toxic, ground turns barren. The earth is big enough for it to not come around too often, but when it does, the results are devastating.

Humanity has not had a chance to grow, since every effort will eventually be destroyed by the Hunger when it comes around. The elders tell stories they heard from their elders, but nobody knows anything certain.

Question: does the Hunger have its manipulation powers at this stage, or is it just a force of pure/more physical/direct destruction in its free, non-restrained state? What I specifically would like to know is: how does it affect human beings? Do they just fall over, dead, like the herds of animals? Or could for example the runaway girl have been influenced by the Hunger?

Answer: It does have it, but on a very rudimentary level. The girl could have been influenced by the Hunger, but I thought she was simply scared of what was going to happen.
Human beings are affected much like any other living thing. They get the life sucked out of them when they are in its vicinity for too long. They feel that, of course, and that scares them and makes them act irrational, since they can’t really explain what’s going on.

The real psychic manipulation power are developed later, when it is sealed away. It can’t do anything else, so it kind of learns to make do with what it can do.


The Hunger

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